Gazze von der kleinen Birke

Gazze is the only GSD in this year, who was in the first 10 in FCI World Championships and WUSV World Championships too…

Screenshot-2017-11-20 Gazze von der kleinen Birke – working-dog

Gazze was born in Germany in 2013. His breeder is Werner Seif, owner of von der kleinen Birke kennel. Gazze’s owner and trainer is Mike Diehl, a very experienced and talented trainer. He participated 8 times in World Championships.

Gazze’s father is Zico von der kleinen Birke. He was LGA sieger in 2015, 60th place in BSP 2015 and 5th place in 7-Länderwettkampf in 2014. I don’t know the reason, why didn’t use Zico the breeders more, he has only 31 offspring from 7 litters in… He inbred to the fantastic Yoschy von der Döllenwiese 4-4,3.
Gazze’s mother is Bona vom Schäfersteig.

You can find the following dogs in his pedigree: Zico von der kleinen Birke, Bona vom Schäfersteig, Falko vom Gimpelwald, Kendi von der kleinen Birke, Aro von der kleinen Birke, Annette vom Schäfersteig, Amigo von der Holzinger Au, Kira vom Ebsdorfergrund, Ellute von der Mohnwiese, Gipsy vom Heslachereck, Rocky von der Zingelgärten, Assi vom Königreich Flieden, Ernst vom Weinbergblick, Feja von der Alstedener Mühle, etc.

Screenshot-2017-11-20 Gazze von der kleinen Birke and Mike Diehl– working-dog

Their results are very impressive:

gazze results

I think, they will make some surprise in the future…

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