Dronko vom Alten Försterhaus

dronko and thomas

Dronko was born in Germany in 2013. His father was the amazing, 2-times BSP and 5-times LGA participant Ace von der schwarzen Irma, his mother is Dao vom Wolfsheim. Dronko inbreed to Andy von der Lemper Heide 4:3 and Aly vom Vordersteinwald 4:5.

dronko 291 points

You can find a lot of very famous dog in his pedigree:
father’s line: Ace von der Schwarzen Irma, Javir vom Talka Marda, Irma von der Gewürzwiese, Dago vom schwarzen Pegasus, Quaste von Ankenrütt, Zomby vom Kammberg, Emma von der Gewürzwiese, etc.
mother’s line: Dao vom Wolfsheim, Ike von der Mohnwiese, Noditha vom Teufelsgrund, Nash vom Lisdorferland, Enny von der Mohnwiese, Andy von der Lemper Heide, Emma vom Teufelsgrund, etc.

collja makera and dronko

His very successful owner and trainer is Thomas Altenburger. He was the owner of Kondor vom Flughafenrand (BSP 2002 4th place, WUSV 2002 21st place), his BSP participant son, Bruno vom Rehlinger Schloss, 3-times LGA Sieger, 4-times BSP participant (16th, 27th, 31st 2-times) Yardas von der Mohnwiese, uncle of the fantastic D-litter vom Eisernen Kreuz.

His results:
22.11.2015 IPO1 96 85 98 – 279 SG
19.11.2016 IPO2 88 96 98 – 282 SG
01.07.2017 IPO3 98 95 98 – 291 V
12.08.2017 IPO3 99 90 90 – 279 SG LGA LG13 6th place
22.09.2017 IPO3 89 70 92 – 251 G BSP 89th place



Dronko is a very famous breeding male, he has more than 30 mating in the 1,5 years. He used by various breeders from Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, etc.

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