Gringo Ja Na Ka on top of the World


Gringo is the new WUSV World Champion!


He was born in 2014 in Czech Republic. His breeder is Jan Chudy, owner of kennel Ja Na Ka.

Gringo’s father is the fantastic Extreme Orex Aykmar. His mother is Bira Ja Na Ka, sister of amazing Bolle Ja Na Ka.


His trainer and owner is Pierre Lamarie. He participated 5 times in World Championships 3 different dogs, that was his best result. He was Spain Champion 2015 with Brian de Marchamalo.


Their protection phase in Randers 2018:

They was 12th (89-91-93, total 273 points).

They was 3rd (99-96-93, total 288 points) at Spanish Championships in 2019.

gringo apport

gringo menetel

gringo fej

I hope, we can see this couple and their fantastic work in the biggest events in this year too.

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